Clinic FAQs

The P-Treatment Clinic

What does the “P” in “The P-Treatment” stand for?
The “P” stands for:
Personal, Private, Premiere, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
And, of course: Clinically Proven!

At The P-Treatment, we pride ourselves on a commitment to cutting edge medical treatments to rejuvenate and revive our patients’ vitality.  To optimize outcomes, Dr. Dunn has curated advanced “P-Treatments”, which incorporate the best of Eastern and Western medical practices.  Additionally, she oversees every aspect of patient care during treatment. Patients leave their appointments feeling relaxed and revived!

What makes the P-Treatment Clinic different?
While many clinics offer PRP therapies, not all of them are effective. Dr. Dunn’s experience as an MD, her understanding of research and protocols, her background as a pharmaceutical chemist, and her familiarity as lab director give her unique insight for optimal outcomes.

Additionally, isolating cellular fractions is a delicate and precise process that requires an exquisite attention to detail. As a result, Dr. Dunn has invested in state of the art equipment for cutting edge precision and reliably excellent results.

Finally, to ensure her patients’ treatments are of the highest caliber Dr. Dunn oversees and/or administers every step of the processing, separation and injection.

Do you take insurance?
Since the P-Treatment is so new, insurance companies are unlikely to approve treatment. Therefore, we have elected to not deal with insurance and patients will be responsible for the cost of the procedure.  Payment plans are available and can be arranged personally with Dr. Dunn’s staff.

Can I bring my partner?
Partners are more than welcome throughout the consultation and treatment phases.

To find out if the P-Treatment is right for you, call (512) 492-8868, email us at, or fill out our contact form.