The P-Treatment by Dr. Deborah Dunn……

performs personalized assessments to include combinations or stand-alone administration of PRP stem cells, biological actives, shock wave therapy (LiEST), hormone replacement, pellets, vitamins, herbs, LLLT, pharmacological solutions and acupuncture.
We treat:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Prostatitis

  • Hair regeneration

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Andropause

  • Ehlers Danlos

  • POTS

  • Peyronie’s Disease

PRP is not a drug or chemical. It is what we call a “biologic agent.”  Biologic agents such as PRP are made from stem cells precisely extracted from your own blood.  These stem cell therapies use your body’s own healing abilities to treat disease or repair damaged tissue.  By utilizing the growth factors produced by your own body, we are able to accelerate healing, whether it's needed for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, or skin vitality. 

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Meet Dr. Dunn:


Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH is a health sleuth with a passion for discovering cutting edge modalities and integrating them into novel combinations for maximum efficacy. With a background in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Western Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and Mind Body work, she has developed the P-treatment: a male vitality protocol initially developed in response to those suffering sexual dysfunction stemming from mitochondrial disease due to environmental and genetic interplay or collagen dysfunction. She felt compelled to share her findings and the result is a discreet medical practice, focused exclusively on vitality and sexual well being. If you are heading towards surgery or just want to feel vital again, why not give us a try?




Phone: 512.492.8868
Address: 3410 Far West Blvd. Suite 120, Austin, TX 78731  

We are located in the One Far West building at the NW corner of Mopac and Far West Blvd.  There is limited parking in the lots immediately surrounding the building, and ample parking on the 3rd-5th floors of the parking garage.  

**Note: we are NOT in the large building facing onto the pond/park – instead, we are in the first building which looks directly over Far West Blvd.**